Vlog: It Took Me Two Days to Install a Window

What started out as a simple window install didn't go exactly as planned. After nearly getting knocked out by a falling window frame, I miss measured and placed the new window frame. When I went to cut some new sides to put in I broke the plug in for my table saw.

The next day I woke up early and bought a new table saw -- I was borrowing on from my brother, and needed to buy one for myself anyway -- and some new wood for the new new wood for the new window frame. From there it was pretty easy to get everything in and ready.

Ended the day with some playtime in the kiddie pool with Turner, getting some ice-cream with the family, and going on a run. All in all I'm really proud of getting the window installed by myself. Now I can finish getting the drywall installed and start to put the trim up. Can't wait to finish this room and ready for Oona to be here.