Bike Ride: Columbus Downtown

The weather has been so nice the last week, it reminded me of a ride that a friend and I took last year around this time. Like I said the weather was beautiful, we rode around the downtown area, where we found some interesting places to take some pictures. I'm not sure if we were supposed to be trekking through these places but it was still cool to explore. Here are a few of the photos from that day.

Situated near the railroad tracks that run north from downtown sat this silo that --by the looks of it houses a few homeless people from time to time. I feel this is appropriate for today, being Blog Action Day focusing on Poverty. I don't really know how my photo's or blog can help the homeless in our city and world but I want to at least try. So this is me urging you, as well as myself, to find ways to help those around you that are less fortunate. The next two shots are from this same location.

An old fuse box that tell of the age of this silo. These was a lot of beautiful rustic textures throughout the place but the lighting and lack of faster lens prevented us form capturing it.

Lastly here is a chair that was carefully resting next to a fire barrel that was recently used. Its a completely different perspective to view homelessness where it lives instead of through the people that are living it. It hit me in a new way, the struggles that homeless people go through.

Further down the bike path, going south form Downtown, we saw a collection of old buildings that looked like the kind I like to rummage through and take pictures of. This is the main building in the complex.

This is the rafters of the aforementioned building. Again there was a lot more to take pictures of, but the lack of light and equipment was a real problem . I'd like to go back re shoot this site someday and do it right . . . we'll see.

We found that this is n old utilities building that is currently being used for random storage. Thanks to the setting sun coming in through the west facing windows I was able to capture an eerie shot of these giant wire spools waiting to be recommissioned.

Just some random work station long out of use and in some serious disrepair.
Lastly, I love what random pieces of junk you find in these ruined urban spaces. This example of a large--life size--rocking horse. Whats it doing at an old utilities building?

This was a good thing and tells more of what I'm interested in doing with photography. I'm intrigued by the home's and lives of the poor and homeless in this city, how I can explore it and tell its story I don't yet know, but I'll continue to try. I also seem to be drawn to the for gotten places that surround this and every city of size. What are these places and why aren't they used anymore, though its nice to take pictures of them and their dilapidation, it seems like such a waste. Lastly I'm a big fan of exploration and doing it on two wheels. Whenever I can I try to get out and see what I can find on my bike. I hope to show/share more of these interests and passions with you soon. Thanks for looking.