Small: Striped Rock

One thing that I, and many other people I know like to collect is rocks. It seems that whenever I go on a trip, or spend some time outdoors I usually find a rock to pick up and keep with me for the day. Eventually, when I come home the rock has come along for the journey. I have a place for my stray rocks, a jar, that over time becomes full and is joined by another jar to put more rocks in. There is not rhyme or reason to the type, or size of rock I bring home. It mostly depends on how it feels in my hand when I carry it ( no one wants to lug around a huge, heavy bolder like rock with them all day while walking in the woods). I have no aspirations of dabbling in geology, or to try and identify the rocks I have. If someone were to come to my house to tell me about the rocks I have, I could honestly say that I wouldn't care. I just gather rocks. Sometimes I'll go through them to see if there is any lasting memory of the time we shared together. There hardly ever is. That is, except for this one that you see here. This particular rock comes all the way from Colorado. I picked it up while I was hiking there two years ago. I found it on the third of seven days and it stayed with me the rest of the time. When I brought it home we bought a special square shelf to display it on, and that it where it now lives.