Small: Black, Hot Wheels Van

I found this today. It was after a run on the Olentangy Bike Trail. It was sitting on a picnic table near the beginning of the trail. Now, before you judge me, I did the honest thing and waited awhile before I absconded this child's toy. Up 'til this point I've been focusing on my own small belongings- but the point all along has been to look at small objects as a whole. To do that, I need to look elsewhere. Luckily, this one found me. Hot Wheels are a toy of legend-- something that almost everyone has owned or at least heard of in their lifetime. The thing about Hot Wheels, though, is that at one time or another they are almost always guaranteed to get lost (Speaking from personal experience). We mourn them for a moment -- then either replace them or move on to one of the many others that we have and never give them a second thought. That is, until you're about to turn 28 and you find one after a good run; come home, take a picture of it and throw it onto your blog. What did happen to all of my Hot Wheels?