Memorial Day 3: A Whole Lot of Family

It's safe to say that I've been absent over the last month and for that I am sorry. But here I am to catch up and to add to the list of things I've been doing with my camera lately.

Back to Memorial day for a moment, though. After all of the fun with the trampoline, the three of us (Tabitha, Corey, and myself) noticed that all of my little cousins were drawing on the sidewalk with chalk. This seemed like a good time to capture the rest of the family, so we quickly grabbed the camera and headed over to check it all out. There were so many good pictures from this event that it was hard to choose. I think these are the best -I hope that you agree.

This is Hailey. She's the youngest of the bunch and she's amazing! Here she's drawing a giant rainbow, one of the things that she likes the most-well that and dinosaurs and stars and howling at the moon and bonfires and, well, just about everything else in the world that she comes across. Like I said, she's amazing!

The rainbow was also drawn by many others in the group- I think I found 5 in total. This one was drawn by Bailey, my niece. She's spunky, that one. She is like me growing up- all attitude and fire. The only difference is that she has the same body make up as my brother Damien. Poor girl.

Alyssa is one of the oldest now, she's a teenager all of the sudden. It was hilarious when she stood up to look at her drawing- she had chalk all over her legs and the back of her shorts . . . absolutely covered. We all started to giggle behind her but she just shrugged and went back to scrutinizing her work of art.

Jennifer is the true artist of the group. This girl is so very talented. She seemed to take up a third of the area that was being drawn on. Then when she was done she walked around helping everyone else with their drawings.

Kinzie is all attitude. This is actually somewhat of a pleasant look. Most other times she's putting her hand up to the camera or just trying to knock it right out of my hands. She's great.

Kendra is Kinzie's older sister. Now we start to see where the attitude comes from. I think I caught her off guard here. She's pure tomboy. Earlier we played a game of basketball with her and a couple of the other kids- she totally took charge and dominated.

Tristan wasn't really interested in drawing on the concrete, she was much more like the butterfly- fluttering around to see what everyone else was up to. Whenever the camera strayed too close to her, she stopped whatever she was doing and posed for us. She is a twin. Her brother Jaden is very much like her, only, he really wanted to drive in the golf cart with us, when really there wasn't any more room for him. It didn't matter- as you can see we got no peace from him until we obliged him in his request. Persistent- just like his father, my cousin Bill....

See what I mean.

Colby, or as I like to refer to him... Colby-Tron. This little guy is a machine. But I like that here he is showing his softer, more delicate side by posing for me with a pink butterfly net. Shortly after this he was down at the pond trying to catch Bluegill so that he could do Lord knows what to them.

When the girls saw that the Trampoline was open they decided to jump at the chance to have some fun. Jump . . . get it? (Okay, it's corny, I know.) You've met three of these girls, but the one that's on the far right is Jasmine. When she was really little she was my "Bib Buddy". That's because we were both wearing bibs (overalls) to a family get-together. We both agree that maybe bibs are a poor choice of wardrobe and have since agreed to just be buddies.

Lastly, this is my Mother. I can't really write something about the family and not include her. She's the one that continues to tell me that I can do anything and that I'm good at whatever it is I am doing. She's just a great lady in my life and I'm more than honored to be her son.

This was an amazing memorial day trip, glad to be with friends and family, as well as to be surrounded by so many beautiful things. I hope that all of you have time to appreciate the wonderful places and people in your life. take the time to remember and thank them.