Memorial Day: Stop on the way Home

Sorry about the hiatus. I've been taking a lot of pictures lately, and now I want to share them with you. First is a trip that we (Tabitha, Corey and I) took up to my parents' house for Memorial Day. This is the first of three posts for just this trip! We had fun and took tons of pictures. The first stop was at one of my favorite places to photograph. It's right on the way to my family's house. This house was devastated by a fire years ago. Since then its just sat there, rotting away. Surrounding the house are a few barns in various stages of disrepair. This was probably my fifth stop at this spot, and I think I was able to capture some of the contrasting beauty of this place nicely. Here are a few examples of that I was able to get . . .


This is the opening to one of the barns. Most of these are just packed full of junk that's literally spilling out of them.

A broken window toward the back of the house. The most fire damage is more toward the front.

This barn is totally caved in, though you can walk through it and see that it was used for housing livestock at one time.

Another barn, further away from the main house. Most likely it held grain for the livestock.

Heading back to the main part is a side view of the most intact building on the property, though the inside is trashed, the out side is still pretty solid. Only a few windows on the front are broken, and someone even came and put a new door on the other side. Weird.

Looking through one of the windows of the house we see the mess. Not only that, but the feeling of loss and sorrow that comes from the whole house. I sometimes think about the teddy bear and the child that it once belonged to.

Lastly are some of the flowers that are now over taking the place. I think the flowers are wonderful and it gives me hope after thinking about the loss and sadness of this place, but really it reminds me again of how deserted it is.

I'll take the time to dig through my old pictures of this place and post some. They are quite interesting, and I keep wanting to go back to this place and see what's happening to it. The way that it's decaying gives it a new life in some way . . . one that I want to document and share with all of you.