Vlog: Columbus Jazz and Rib Fest

This post is a long time coming. I've needed to post my latest Video entry and I also need to promise that a new video will be coming shortly. The last four months have been amazing and exhausting. The addition of Oona to our family has been amazing and we have loved getting to know her and falling in love with the new way our family works. Its just left little to no time for me to work around the house or edit videos. But I promise within the next week I'll post the finishing video for Oona's rooms and everyone can finally meet her. 

Vlog: It Took Me Two Days to Install a Window

What started out as a simple window install didn't go exactly as planned. After nearly getting knocked out by a falling window frame, I miss measured and placed the new window frame. When I went to cut some new sides to put in I broke the plug in for my table saw.

The next day I woke up early and bought a new table saw -- I was borrowing on from my brother, and needed to buy one for myself anyway -- and some new wood for the new new wood for the new window frame. From there it was pretty easy to get everything in and ready.

Ended the day with some playtime in the kiddie pool with Turner, getting some ice-cream with the family, and going on a run. All in all I'm really proud of getting the window installed by myself. Now I can finish getting the drywall installed and start to put the trim up. Can't wait to finish this room and ready for Oona to be here.



Today was an amazing day. I was able to wake up early enough to get a run in at Antrim Park in Columbus. This is by far my favorite place to run. I don't make it down that often, so I was really excited to do so today.

After that it was back home to work on Oona's room. I needed to sand down the entire room after all of the mudding last week. I made sure to take some extra precautions to avoid dust build up. It took me about 3hrs to get it all done an I was a sweaty mess by the end of it. But I'm that much closer to getting the room done.

Lastly, the whole Family went to the park after dinner and we ran around for a couple of hours. It couldn't get much better than this.

Thanks for watching, please subscribe and follow along. Also make sure to comment. Let me know what you think, anything you'd like to see me work on at the house, or adventures Turner and I should go on in Columbus.

California to Ohio: A Road Trip: Part One

About a year ago I was presented with the opportunity to accompany my friend Andy on his last Cross Country road trip completing his move from LasAngles to Chicago. Andy has lived in California for the past eight years and I've been able to visit him on multiple occasions, each trip bringing about its own unique adventure. So with the thought of an epic week with one of the best people I know, paired with the fact that I've always wanted to make such trip, I agreed quite speedily.
The Planning took some back and forth and I imagine that most of it was pretty ambitious, but we hacked out a plan to follow the southern route, camping at a few spots and staying with a friend in Oklahoma before heading back up north to Columbus, Ohio.
I choose a early flight out to land at Burbank, Ca. around 11am. So the night before the flight, knowing it was going to be a long 36 hours or so I grabbed some Waffle House and loaded up on the coffee. Special thanks to Jeff Rigsby for hauling me to the air port at an ungodly hour.

Andy picked me up directly form the airport and with a quick stop at a local Trader Joe's a Baja Fresh and an In and Out Burger we headed away from the city. The plan that first day was to head straight toward the Grand Canyon, neither of us had been there before, camp and then get up at the crack of dawn to watch the sun rise over the rim.
As the sun came down on that first day we stopped right off the highway and watched the sun go down. Camp was set up in the dark, amazing considering that neither of us had set this tent up before and had to do it blind. We stayed up that night just talking and catching up, both excited about the prospect of what was in store for the next day. I think we only got about 4 hours of sleep. 
Still dark outside we tore down our camp, much cursing ensued, and made the last 30 or so miles left to the Grand Canyon. We didn't know what we were inshore for. Our day at the canyon was the defining moment of the trip. 

Highbanks Metro Parks: Fisheye river

I've been doing a lot of Photo organizing lately and came across these gems from a couple of years ago. I remember just wanting to  go and take some great pictures of the river -- I'm very fond of rivers -- with my new Fisheye Lens. This is what I came up with and I hope that they bring back good feelings from the summer of 2009 like they did for me. 

Small: Cat-Eyed-Lizard-Bat

Long time no post. . . right, I get it, I'm bad at this. I've been doing a lot of work lately and just haven't taken the time to post any of it. Instead of going too big too fast and burning myself out before I can even begin, I'm starting small in more ways than one . . . pun . . . get it? This was my birthday present from my wife this year, and yes, I know its a Dragon. But when she asked me what to name it, I came up with Cat-Eyed-Lizard-Bat. I like it. I hope you like it too - let me know what you think!

Tabitha: A Warm and Cozy Sweater

To say the least its cold outside. I don't know if this is true or not but someone told me that its colder in Ohio right now than it is in Alaska! I don't like the idea of that. But what I do like the idea of is the chance it gives me to take pictures of Tabitha bundled up in one of her many sweaters, this one is full of personality. As always I hope you enjoy it, stay warm and wear sweaters!

Trains: Graffiti

What a horrible person I am for not getting around to this post earlier (or any post for that matter). I kept driving by these train tracks where I saw some stationary cars, covered with graffiti. Meaning to go for the last two weeks I've been putting it off until today. Which happens to be one of the coldest days this winter . . . seven degrees! I intended to get a lot more shots, but this was all my poorly insulated fingers could bear. That just means that I'll have to go back soon to better explore this open art gallery in the suburbs, for now enjoy these three from my first - freezing- visit.

Rubber Ducks: Bath Time!

What is a series of Rubber Duck Photo-Documentary without shots of them doing what they're made to do- Taking Baths! This was a really fun shoot for me and the Troupe and I hope you enjoy it too!

The Troupe hanging out in the bath waiting checking out the soap after its been used.

Same shot just another angle, what I like it that the lighting is slightly different and shows some of the hurdles I was dealing with in getting the light to work just right. I'm happy with the results over all.

Just another shot of the ducks and the soap.

Time for the close up just before its time to get out of their oh so enjoyable bath.

Rubber Ducks: Book Worms

Man does it seem to get busy in the fall! While I haven't been posting much in the last month I have been doing a lot of shooting especially with the ducks here. Hopefully I can do some catching up and start to post all of them. As for this photo above. . . After a long day of rearranging and reorganizing the study and the living room I came across the troupe sitting here in front of a few books written by two of my favorite authors. This caught my eye. So I got out all of the lighting equipment (at 2 in the morning) and started to take some pictures. Tabitha eventually came in and asked what I was doing and when I told her she shook her head and said something about me being nuts. But hey, you have to take it- Inspiration- when you get it . . . right?

Bike Ride: Columbus Downtown

The weather has been so nice the last week, it reminded me of a ride that a friend and I took last year around this time. Like I said the weather was beautiful, we rode around the downtown area, where we found some interesting places to take some pictures. I'm not sure if we were supposed to be trekking through these places but it was still cool to explore. Here are a few of the photos from that day.

Situated near the railroad tracks that run north from downtown sat this silo that --by the looks of it houses a few homeless people from time to time. I feel this is appropriate for today, being Blog Action Day focusing on Poverty. I don't really know how my photo's or blog can help the homeless in our city and world but I want to at least try. So this is me urging you, as well as myself, to find ways to help those around you that are less fortunate. The next two shots are from this same location.

An old fuse box that tell of the age of this silo. These was a lot of beautiful rustic textures throughout the place but the lighting and lack of faster lens prevented us form capturing it.

Lastly here is a chair that was carefully resting next to a fire barrel that was recently used. Its a completely different perspective to view homelessness where it lives instead of through the people that are living it. It hit me in a new way, the struggles that homeless people go through.

Further down the bike path, going south form Downtown, we saw a collection of old buildings that looked like the kind I like to rummage through and take pictures of. This is the main building in the complex.

This is the rafters of the aforementioned building. Again there was a lot more to take pictures of, but the lack of light and equipment was a real problem . I'd like to go back re shoot this site someday and do it right . . . we'll see.

We found that this is n old utilities building that is currently being used for random storage. Thanks to the setting sun coming in through the west facing windows I was able to capture an eerie shot of these giant wire spools waiting to be recommissioned.

Just some random work station long out of use and in some serious disrepair.
Lastly, I love what random pieces of junk you find in these ruined urban spaces. This example of a large--life size--rocking horse. Whats it doing at an old utilities building?

This was a good thing and tells more of what I'm interested in doing with photography. I'm intrigued by the home's and lives of the poor and homeless in this city, how I can explore it and tell its story I don't yet know, but I'll continue to try. I also seem to be drawn to the for gotten places that surround this and every city of size. What are these places and why aren't they used anymore, though its nice to take pictures of them and their dilapidation, it seems like such a waste. Lastly I'm a big fan of exploration and doing it on two wheels. Whenever I can I try to get out and see what I can find on my bike. I hope to show/share more of these interests and passions with you soon. Thanks for looking.

Ale81 ( A Late One)

I had another post ready for today but have decided to postpone it in order to present a photo of my favorite beverage . . . Ale81! This is a beverage that is only made in Kentucky. Only lately has it become available outside of Kentucky, but still nowhere near Columbus, Ohio . . . until recently. Tabitha and I were in the grocery the other day picking up the essentials and we walked through the soda isle (this is rare because we don't drink or buy soda) and sitting gloriously stacked on a shelf in front of us was Ale81. I was so excited I almost dropped the basket full of groceries! (We bought two six packs.) What does Ale81 taste like? Heaven.

Rubber Ducks: Troupe

I had so much fun shooting Speed Duck a few weeks ago that I thought I'd give the ducks another go. I remember that when I was painting I had a thing for painting Rubber Ducks. I found these stored away with some of my old painting supplies. Different medium, same obsession. Oh well. . . I think its safe to say that we'll be seeing a lot more of this Little Yellow Troupe.

Small: Perfume Bottle

Somethings are worth holding onto. This tiny perfume bottle belonged to my great grandmother. Its very old and very unique. My mother has had it for as long as I remember. Its one of those antique things that's become out of fashion in our modern world, i.e. perfume bottles, cigarette cases, time pieces. Now everything is new and disposable. . .overly manufactured and defiantly lower quality. I guess that I find it interesting that we hold onto small collectible things throughout our lives, but at the same time we are so wasteful with so many everyday things. How much waste would we eliminate if we still reused things like this perfume bottle, or even our shopping bags? Its just something that's been on my mind. . .and maybe it should be on yours too.

Sunny: Cat in the Sun

I know that Cats and Rainbows and Flowers are a "no-no" when it comes to photographic standards, but I just don’t care. Why is it that people--and by people I mean “serious” photographers--think that for a photograph to be meaningful it has to depict conflict, tragedy or something altogether artsy and serious. I feel that good photos are good photos and that if I happen to be at my in-laws' house and they happen to have an extremely beautiful and expressive cat than I should by all means take pictures of it. That’s the case with this batch of images. Mock me if you want, but I stand by my belief and in doing so, I throw my hat in with Tony Mendoza.

On another note, if you like what you see -- cats, rubber roosters, ducks and the occasional documented story-- you should subscribe to my blog, or at least leave me comments on what you see. Let me know what you think of the Images, or the Writing, or even me as a Person. It just helps me, as an artist, to get feedback as well as to know that someone out there is looking at what I'm doing.

Up Close

I was able to acquire a new lens a few weeks ago - a Sigma 20-70mm f/2.8 macro - and I couldn't wait to try it out. I love the close-ups I can get with its very short focusing distance. Anyway, here are a few pictures that I was able to get while visiting my parents' house. Nothing fancy and no bigger idea to go along with these images. I just like them and wanted to share.

Remember those helicopters that fall off the trees in the fall? (They fall from Big-Leaf Maple trees) Well my parents have these clogging their gutters all year round. I just pointed my camera in their general direction and took about twenty shots. I like this one the best.

I think this is such a cool image. I don't think I'll tell you what it is. Better to leave the mystery to some things. Right?

Just an extremely close shot of an Aloe plant. There are a lot of Aloe plants at my parents place and I've always like to take pictures of them. I've also always liked to break off sections and squeeze out the insides. Don't worry though, no plants had to suffer my cruelty that day.

Small: Speed Duck

Everyone knows the rubber duck, the favorite bath toy of your youth. I found this at a good friend's house a few weeks ago (sorry for the ridiculously long blogging hiatus). They call it Speed Duck, they found it at some shoppe that sells a large variety of custom made rubber ducks. . . Awesome! He -my friend- is into racing and keeps this with him when he rallies (that's a type of race where a bunch of people in cars race around the woods and other such places and try not to wreck). Yeah, I don't really get it either. This is his good luck charm, which I guess works because he hasn't wrecked yet.